Selina Aynur Yanik is one of the two co-founders of say time. In her name the three letters say are united. She is responsible for all things related to sustainability, conception and product development. She completed her training as a goldsmith at the Hanauer Zeichenakademie and the Brüder Grimm Berufsakademie and completed a Bachelor of Arts in product design. During her studies in Japan, she gained insights into traditional craftsmanship from various master craftsmen. In her bachelor’s thesis she deepened her interest in dealing with questions concerning the topic of gender in the social conditioning of children. In this sense, say time does not have a specific men’s or women’s watch, but simply – a watch.

Victor Gorelik is the second co-founder of say time. His expertise lies in the machinery, technology and the mounting of the watches Since 2007 he has been working as an engraver and eight years later he acquired the title of master craftsman at the Zeichenakademie Hanau as well as the title of state-certified designer. Since 2008, he has not only led jewellery courses for children at the Goldschmiedehaus Hanau, but also jointly managed a contemporary jewellery gallery in Frankfurt am Main. Through his work in a watch manufactory he acquired knowledge in the watchmaking trade. Since 2013 Victor Gorelik has been involved in the organisation of the Zimmerhof jewellery symposium for contemporary jewellery. At the Museum of Applied Art in Frankfurt he guided tours and also led jewellery courses for adults in his own studio. During his work as branch manager of a jewellery store he gained extensive knowledge about the processes of a business. These diverse experiences helped him to find his own “jewellery algorithm” and to shape his perception of jewellery and design.