the thought

The world in which we live is in a constant state of change. We are no longer being changed by this world, but we are changing our world. However, we are not always in harmony with these changes. Therefore, it is up to us to continue to strive for harmony between what already exists and what we still want to achieve. With our hands, natural materials and state-of-the-art technology, we create a product that provides insight into this harmony as an extension of nature. When precision and natural arbitrariness meet, when traditions merge into contemporary thoughts, then an almost poetic interplay emerges, which is fascinating to look at. A play of light and shadow, brightness and darkness, a play that allows a surface to develop into a structure, that is nature‘s signature. Every detail, every colour, every line and every accent, no matter how small, lends life to the work, never forgetting its functionality. Carrying a piece of nature with us in the modern world has become a special luxury. A luxury that brings with it a familiar warmth that feels like home.


Fairtrade is committed to improving the protection of people and the environment in small-scale mining in order to enable the miners, their families and communities to improve their situation permanently by their own efforts. Central to this are the guaranteed stable minimum price, the Fairtrade premium and compliance with labour and environmental protection regulations. The precious metals we use in making the watch come from Fairtrade and Fairmined projects, as we want to support the improvement of the mining conditions. We obtain our veneers exclusively from FSC and PEFC certified companies in Germany. The cork comes directly from Portugal and is further processed by hand into bracelets by our partners in Portugal, Museu do Relogio in Serpa. We are constantly trying to improve our standards and continue to look for fair and sustainable ways to refine our watches. At every opportunity we get, we collect cuttlebones to replenish our supplies.